The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia

This book is no longer available except as a pdf or epub from the author. I re-wrote the story and renamed it - Searching for Stolen Love.

Keith Swanson is a U.S. finance professor, and he is excited to teach at the Bosnian University of Management. The university opened its doors shortly after the Bosnian War and is located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Keith's future was looking bright. He just finished teaching his first semester and fell in love with a Serbian woman, Yelena Backovich. However, something is wrong at the university. Something dark and evil lurks within the university's walls and lumbers among its classroom. Keith Swanson is forced to confront and kill this evil.

This evil unfortunately played a role in the disappearance of Keith's girlfriend, forcing Keith to rise up, to become a hero, and to rescue her. As Keith discovers, tension still runs high among the three ethnic groups, the Bosnians, Croats, and Serbs, and a whole underworld of murder, drugs, and prostitution is thriving in the Balkan states. As Keith is plunged into this underworld that surrounds a psychotic university president and the mafia, he does anything he can to rescue his girlfriend. The clock is ticking, and Keith must act fast. Can Keith rescue his girlfriend in time, or will they both perish in Montenegro to be never seen again?

The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia is a love story that begins in a picturesque town of Tuzla, Bosnia, fifteen years after the grisly close of the Bosnian War. Then the 60,000 word novel ends on the shores of Budva; a tourist resort nestled between the foot of the black mountains of Montenegro and the crashing waves of the Adriatic Sea. The novel introduces the readers to Bosnian culture, food, and the contentious relations among the Bosnians, Croats, and Serbs. As the hero discovers, how far would you go to rescue someone whom you love? 

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