Introductory Accounting I

I taught this course in 1997. The lecture notes look good enough to post. There may be mistakes when files were converted into html.

  • Lectures and examples are from:
  • Larson, Kermit D. 1990. Fundamental Accounting Principles.

Lesson 1: Accounting: An Introduction to Its Concepts

Lesson 2: Recording Transactions

Lesson 3: Adjusting the Accounts and Preparing the Statements

Lesson 4: The Work Sheet and Closing the Accounts of Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations

Lesson 5: AAccounting for a Merchandising Concern

Lesson 6: Accounting Systems

Lesson 7: Internal Control and Accounting for Cash

Lesson 8: Short-term Investments and Receivables

Lesson 9: Organization and Operation of Corporations

Lesson 10: Additional Corporate Transactions

Lesson 11: Installment Notes Payable and Bonds

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