International Trade

Lecture notes are based on the textbooks

  1. Carbaugh, Robert J. 2007. International Economics. 12th edition.
  2. Krugman, Paul and Maurice Obstfeld. 2009. International Economics. 8th edition.
  3. Pugel, Thomas A. 2009. International Economics. 14th edition.
  4. Pugel, Thomas A. 2007. International Economics. 13th edition.


Lecture 1: Introduction to International Economics

Lecture 2: Demand and Supply Functions

Lecture 3: Mercantilism and Comparative Advantage

Lecture 4: Production Possibilities Curves and International Trade

Examination I

Lecture 5: Application of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theory

Lecture 6: Economics of a Tariff

Lecture 7: Nontariff Trade Barriers, GATT, and the WTO

Examination 2

Lecture 9: Dumping and Export Subsidies

Lecture 8: Arguments for Trade Protection

Lecture 10: Trade Blocs and Trade Sanctions

Examination 3

Lecture 12: The Foreign Exchange Market

Lecture 11: Balance of Payments

Lecture 13: Exchange Rate Regimes

Examination 4

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