Production Economics

Lectures are based on the textbooks:

  1. Waldman D.E., and Jensen E.J. 2007. Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice. Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley
  2. Church J. and Ware R. 2000. Industrial Organization – A Strategic Approach. McGraw Hill Companies
  3. Illing G and Martin P. 2006. Industrial Organization and the Digital Economy. MIT Books.


Lecture 1: Electronic (E) Commerce

Lecture 2: Introduction to Industrial Organization

Lecture 3: The Firm and Its Costs

Lecture 4: Game Theory

Lecture 5: Oligopolies and Game Theory

Lecture 6: Market Structure and Barriers to Entry

Midterm Examination I

Lecture 7: Market Power

Lecture 8: Nonlinear Pricing and Price Discrimination

Lecture 9: Product Differentiation

Lecture 10: Research and Development

Lecture 11: Vertical Integration

Lecture 12: Regulation and Deregulation

Lecture 13: Course Essay

Midterm Examination II

Final Examination

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