The Second American Revolution - The Building of an Empire

As a child, Jerrick Ray Davis dreams, he delivers powerful speeches to the people. He also dreams he builds an Empire that spans across the North and South Americas. These are not simple day dreams, but ideas that map out Jerrick's destiny. Jerrick rises up out of the wreckage and devastation of the Michigan economy and turns his dreams into reality. Jerrick Davis and his political party, the National Workers' Party, take over the United States government and then the rest of the Americas.

Jerrick Ray Davis becomes the most powerful man in the 21st century, and the world trembles at his sight. Jerrick Ray Davis also makes a promise to the people. After the 2008 Financial Crisis, he will put all Americans back to work. Good-paying jobs will be plentiful again. Of course, Jerrick Davis puts everyone back to work, building his Empire. This story is about Jerrick Ray Davis' life from his early childhood to his rise in power. Please read this story with caution, we may be all toiling hard on Jerrick Ray Davis' Empire. As Jerrick Ray Davis says, "All Americans will be united under one flag."

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Cover to The Second American Revolution

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