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Singapore is one of the cleanest cities I ever walked through. The Singaporean-Chinese people are worker bees who constructed one impressive hive. Singapore is a dense city brimming with 5.1 million souls. The financial district is in the downtown area with large, modern skyscrapers reaching toward the sky. Singapore is a contemporary city where architecture, art, and the Eastern philosophy Feng Shui are merged in a stunning array of buildings. For example, the Marina Sands Bay Hotel and Casino have three 60-story towers with a boat-shaped structure that connects the buildings at the top. The boat structure is nestled with trees, patios, and swimming pools, where guests can entertain themselves and capture a stunning view over the city. Another building, The Gateway, is a rounded-octagonal shaped building that symbolizes Feng Shui, harmonizing the eight spheres of life. 

Singapore is an extremely expensive city. Private condominiums are priced around a million Singaporean dollars (800,000 U.S. dollars), while government constructed flats are half that. One has to be really wealthy to own a house with a piece of land. The privilege to drive a car in Singapore is another benefit for the rich, where the right to drive can easily exceed the cost of a new car. Nevertheless, car ownership is not a problem. Singapore has a modern metro system that crisscrosses the city that rapidly carries travellers to their destinations. The metro is extremely clean, because the government fines $500 for eating or drinking in the subway. Unfortunately, the stores do not even sell chewing gum.


  • Area of the country spans 268 square miles, making Singapore one of the smallest countries in the world.
  • The currency is the Singaporean dollar.
  • The capital is Singapore.
  • In 2012, the population was estimated at 5.1 million, while 1.9 million residents are of non-Singaporean descent.
  • Singapore is an Asian tiger with a rapidly growing economy. It is a market-based economy with low tax rates, competitive workforce, innovative, and one of the least corrupt countries in the world.
  • Approximately 9.1 million tourists arrived in Singapore in 2010.
  • China used Singapore as the economic growth model. The Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping, visited Singapore in the 1970s, and also had many Chinese government officials trained there. 
  • The leader of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, used Singapore as a model to transform the vast sweeping deserts of Dubai into a modern, thriving city.